All Answers of Amazon FESTIVE RIDDLES - Win 1 years' free shopping

Answers of All Amazon Festive Riddles Quiz are updated below. Here we also mentioned the Options so that you can easily select the answer. If you have any question or query for this quiz contest then please write on the comment box. And if any one win this contest then please share.

Question 1 of 5 - Round and round, never off the ground. What am I?

Option -
  1. A car
  2. A helicopter
  3. Chakri/ Chakra/Zamin chakkar
  4. A peacock
Answer - Chakri/ Chakra/Zamin chakkar

Question 2 of 5 - Scratch my head, see me turn from black to red. What am I?

Option -
  1. A puppy
  2. A match stick
  3. Lottery ticket
  4. A volcano
Answer - A match stick

Question 3 of 5 - Light me up for a sprinkle of gold. What am I?

Option -
  1. Sunscreen
  2. Dawn
  3. Flower pot (Anaar)
  4. Tube light
Answer - Flower pot (Anaar)

Question 4 of 5 - I am black when you buy me, red when you use me and gray when you throw me away. What am I?

Option -
  1. Sand
  2. Fire
  3. Cement
  4. Charcoal
Answer - Charcoal

Question 5 of 5 - I go up, I go down. Towards the sky & the ground. What am I?

Option -
  1. A train
  2. A unicorn
  3. Rocket firecracker
  4. Gravity
Answer - Rocket firecracker